"As the man goes, so goes the world." - Dr. Tony Evans


The Men's team ministry is designed to equip men to be Christ-centered leaders of their families, church, and community.


Our mission is to provide a place for men to build community and strong relationships as they develop a solid identity in who God says they are.


Our goals are to disciple men to embrace and obey Jesus Christ, to unite and encourage the men at Little Chapel Church, and to equip men to meet the needs of their family and community.






Guys, don't miss a Men's Event at Little Chapel.  You'll get a hearty meal with a big side of leadership.  Whether it's steaks, a whole hog, or wings, bring your manly appetite.  We'll bring the fun activities, fellowship, and Word.  Visit our calendar page or contact us for more details about the next Men's Event.




For more information on Men's conferences and seasonal events, visit our calendar page.






For more details about Little Chapel Church's Men's team ministry, contact us at  You can also follow us on Facebook.






For more details about Men events, please visit the calendar.  


Each Men's event on the calendar is tagged with the keyword Men. Filter by the Men tag using the drop down menu in the top right corner of the calendar.